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Eucalyptus Aromatic Oil

Eucalyptus Aromatic Oil

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Clear your senses and soothe your physical discomforts with Eucalyptus Fragrance Oil. Its fresh and cleansing scent of the therapeutic eucalyptus plant will instantly make you feel better . A staple for any fragrance collection, with a refreshing,  and multifaceted scent strong enough to fill any space with a relaxing and long-lasting aroma.

2 oz Bottle 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Felicia Victoria
Not strong enough

When I put the oil in my diffuser you could hardly smell the Eucalyptus. I wish the scent was stronger.

I'm so sorry that you weren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, but I have a tip that might help. Aromatic oil is not the same as Essential oils. Essential oils are pure extracts. With Essential oils you would put about 2 or 3 drops of oil in your diffuser. Aromatic oils are not as concentrated and are intended for use with tea light or electric oil warmers to get the right throw. You can still use the aromatic oils in your diffuser but you may have to put just a bit more in than you would a pure extract essential oil. Perhaps experiment with that and see if that makes a difference and let us know.

Great scent

Smells so good , scent is strong enough to linger through whole home

Oswaldo Gonzalez

love this aromatic oil !!! We had issues receiving our order due to address but they quickly stepped in calling us and making sure we received our order and followed up with us until delivery was made great service and great products definitely recommend.